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At Dana, our objective is simple - To bring a smile on our customer’s face by making every moment memorable on their special day. Whether it is a grandeur Wedding or subtle Corporate Event or a colossal Outdoor party, at the end of it, we strive to ensure that our customers enjoy every moment to its fullest and cherish them forever.

We are aware of the fact that we need to give more than our best to achieve this simple objective. Fortunately, at Dana, we have the experience, expertise, people and most importantly, the passion to achieve it. Perhaps that’s the reason many of our customers keep referring us whenever there is an opportunity.

Thanks to our professional background, we deliver great value to our customers. By partnering with us, you have the following advantages:

Effective Planning: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning your event. We consult research and foresee all possibilities before planning and then strategize the event.

Co-creative Approach: This is our strength. We listen to your needs. Our approach to the whole event is based on your likes and dislikes. For instance, on your Wedding Day, we know that you’re the King or Queen and your taste and preferences are more important than anyone else’s. So, we don’t hesitate to consult you and incorporate your suggestions. We welcome you to be part of the process where you can enjoy and we do the legwork!

Save your costs: Yes we mean it. Often you may hear that the budget had overshot at end of the show. That’s shows poor planning. We believe that when you plan properly and have the best network you can do wonders within your budget and certainly at affordable costs. Moreover, we have a transparent working policy when it comes to costs that will certainly help you minimize your budget costs.

High Creative standards: By hiring Dana, you can be assured of high creative standards. Our creative team thinks out of the box and offers you unique ideas and choices regarding venue, backdrop, stage, decorations, lighting and sound and the whole outlook of the event so that you can make your moments most memorable.

Execution in Style: At Dana, we have done numerous events from large-scale to small get-togethers, from a mere 50 member event to a million member shows. This decade of experience and expertise serving many customers across the country has made us almost perfect! Today, we can pride in ourselves by stating that we have the abilities to deliver global standards yet addressing local needs.

Stress free Smooth ride: At last, all you need is a stress free smooth ride throughout the event and we guarantee you that. We know where to go, whom to speak to and what to be spoken and how do it. Leave the task to us, cherish every moment and simply enjoy.

So, when it comes to ‘Why you need to call Dana’, here is our answer. Dana Wedding & Events is a professional event management company with a flair for the creative, passion for commitment, fervor for superior standards and finally an aim to surpass your expectations.